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Q: What are your favourite tunes in the PIWM repertoire?

  • Dave: “Angel Eyes” for the unusual chords, the haunting melody, the evocative lyrics, and the plunger. “Skeletons In My Closet” for tasty horn work and great lines in the lyric. “Fat Cat” for the challenge and for the afterglow. I love listening to “Trust In Me” and “Lenny”.
  • Brian: “Phantom Doll” for the lyrics … they’re beautiful and speak to me because I know so many people that can sympathize with the subject. “Lenny” is comfortable to play, especially when George and Carly get into a groove. “Fat Cat” is a fast & tight swing song, and I love being in sync with the horn section through those very tight changes and horn hits.
  • Mary: “Put the Lid On It” and “It Ain’t Right” are two of my favorites; I like to hear what solos the Top Shelf Horns and Carly come up with. We also play several rhumbas including “Sway” and “Pomegranate Tango.” (Pomegranate Rhumba just wasn’t as catchy a title.) During rhumbas I settle into the rhythmic groove and watch the dancers.