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GAFilk Banquet 2015 Set List

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January 10th, we performed at GAFilk’s banquet and watched y’all dance the night away! And you dance divinely, GAFILK! Here is what you danced to and the lead singer(s) for each:

1. Misty [Jodi]
2. Skeletons in My Closet [Ladies Lead and Gentlemen back up]
3. Cantina Band Theme [Instrumental]
4. Light You Up [Derek on lead. All Moxie on back up]
5. Christmas Down South [Amy]
6. Blow Wolf [Mary on call and All Moxie on response]
7. Hey Eugene [Jodi]
8. Late in the Evening [David]
9. Temptation [Mary]
10. Jabba’s Good to You [Carly]
11. All About That Bass (Post modern Jukebox Style) [Jodi lead]
12. Sway [Teresa]
13. Alligator in the House (swing version) [Mary]
14. Anything Goes (Modern Edition) [Jodi]
15. In These Shoes [Teresa, Jodi, Mary, Amy on “What are you afraid of?”]
16. It Ain’t Right [Mary]
17. Masochism Tango [Amy]
18. Angel Eyes [Jodi]
19. Cat Medley [All of Moxie]
20. Hell [David]
21. Fat Cat [Jodi]
22. Ghostbusters Theme [George]
23. Black Coffee [Mary]
24. Smooth Operator [Jodi]
25. Goodnight My Love [Jodi]


GAFilk 2014 Set List

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GAFilk 2014 was fantastic fun! We loved watching y’all dance dance dance your hearts out at GAFilk! We cannot wait for Secrets Con in Atlanta the last weekend of March.

During the Sunday night music circle, our band leader, Mary Crowell, was asked if she would post our set list from our dinner/dance set this past Saturday. On our set lists we like to include the key we performed it in and the name of the lead singer(s).

1)    Crazy He Calls Me                 (Jodi) D major

2)    Po Boys                                  (Mary, Teresa, Jodi)

3)    Taya Tan                                (Jodi) A minor

4)    Naughty Number Nine           (Mary) G Mixolydian

5)    Dumb Ways to Die                 (Jodi) C major

6)    The Girl in the Other Room   (Mary) Eb major

7)    The Masochism Tango           (Amy) D minor

8)    Jabba’s Good to You              (Carly) F minor/major

9)    True Love                               (Jodi)

10) Sway                                       (Teresa) C minor

11) Alien Jellyfish Song                (Jodi) D minor

12) In These Shoes                        (Teresa, Jodi, Mary) G minor

13) Sufferin ‘Til Suffrage              (Teresa)  Db Mixolydian/D Major

14) Black Coffee (Ann Savoy version) (Mary) G minor

15) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy      (Jodi, Mary, Teresa, Amy) C major

16) Late in the Evening                 (Dave) F major

17) Sweet Transvestite                 (Amy) E major

18) Old Man Cabbage                   (Dave) C minor

19) Star Trek Fight Music            (instrumental)

20) Vagabond                                (Mary)

21) Hey Eugene                             (Jodi, Mary, Teresa, Amy) A major

22) Hell                                         (Dave) D minor

23) Fat Cat                                                (Jodi) F minor

24) Goodnight My Love               (Jodi) G major

25) Sun, Dirt, Water                      (Jodi) Eb minor ENCORE


February 2011!

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Hello Moxketeers!  Here comes Anachrocon, as fast as time travel allows: Be with us Friday evening, February 25 for the Gaslamp Gala, and wear your brass!

Several updates to the site here:

* see the Media page for some YouTube vidoes and keep an eye on it for possible bonus material in the coming weeks

* see the About the Band page, in case you missed the addition of Amy McNally

* and keep up with us on Facebook

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