The Sound of Anachrocon

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Some notes about the sound system at a gig and how it bears on the arrangements

For GaFilk we hire Greg to do our sound, plus record it and engineer a CD (still in progress). For Anachrocon, they had a sound guy, be we also did a lot of the setup. (“We” means mostly Brian, who is part of the con staff.) When you mix vocals with electric and acoustic instruments, it’s complicated.

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Jazz Improv: Building the Toolkit

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Dave talks about how he practices ... not practicing. It's the art of improvisation, and it's key to jazz.

Dave talks about how he practices … not practicing. It’s the art of improvisation, and it’s key to jazz.

The way to learn improvising by ear is to do it.  The way to do it in the privacy of your home is to get the Abersold New Approach to Jazz Improvisation recordings and books.  Mix that with listening to recordings and going to see live music, and you’ll be on your way.
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