The 2010 Pegasus Awards ballot has been released, and Play It With Moxie! has been nominated for Best Performer:

Most of our readers know this, but for those unfamiliar with the Pegasus Awards, they are a peer-nominated and peer-voted recognition by the filk community. There’s some fine competition on the ballot, and we wish them well.

For GaFilk we hire Greg to do our sound, plus record it and engineer a CD (still in progress). For Anachrocon, they had a sound guy, be we also did a lot of the setup. (“We” means mostly Brian, who is part of the con staff.) When you mix vocals with electric and acoustic instruments, it’s complicated.

I bought a handheld recorder (Zoom H2) (more…)

Are you as excited as we are? See you Then!

Dave talks about how he practices … not practicing. It’s the art of improvisation, and it’s key to jazz.

The way to learn improvising by ear is to do it.  The way to do it in the privacy of your home is to get the Abersold New Approach to Jazz Improvisation recordings and books.  Mix that with listening to recordings and going to see live music, and you’ll be on your way.

Hey, folks. We haven’t forgotten you. There are always things happening in the Moxie Family.
Carly is in the studio recording some of her songs. She’ll be playing at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA in May–stay tuned for details. She also has been to workshops with Caroline Aiken and Jan Smith.
The band rehearsed a couple weekends ago, partly in preparation for Anachrocon but mostly because we like to play together. We tried out some new pieces and worked on some old ones, plus did a lot of listening to recordings of songs we want to try.
Teresa and I are in touch with Greg and will keep you posted on the CD. However, we’re sharing his time with the Three Weird Sisters CD and with Carly.
George and his student Derek have been playing at a local bakery, earning bread. Carly, Teresa and I often sit in with them.
Mary just got back from Consonance–sounds like she had a blast!
Just wanted y’all to know that we’re still working on the group and keeping busy with our various musical pursuits.

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